10 Cute Women’s Travelling Trousers

Light weight trousers are a travel essential! They are easy to pack, keep you covered from the sun, and are respectful in communities where it is expected for women to cover up.

You will find Elephant Pants in abundance throughout Southeast Asia, and they are beginning to gain popularity throughout the rest of the world. Elephant pants are super cheap to buy while travelling (Think less than £2), but if you want some traveller style trousers to take with you, i like these:

1. Cropped Plisse Pleat Floral Print

Available here – £25


2. RAGYARD Festival Green Tiger Trousers

Available here – £65


3. JDY Floral Printed Trouser

Available here – Reduced to £12.50


4. Akasa Beach Pants

Available here – £18


5. Tropical Print Harem Pants

Available here – £25


6. New Look Plus Floral Plisse Crop

Available here – Reduced to £14.50


7. Curve Linen Trouser

Available here – Reduced to £21


8. Shirred Harem in Washed Tie Dye

Available here – Reduced to £15


9. Glamorous Festival Awkward Length Trouser

Available here – Reduced to £21


10. Free People Miranda Angular Pull On Wide Trouser

Available here – £58




2 thoughts on “10 Cute Women’s Travelling Trousers

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